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Teodoro-Dier, DMA

Creative Intuitive and Tarot Card Reader


What questions do you wish you had the answers to? 

We all have an InnerPath, the direction our soul yearns for us to follow. We can feel lost on way to our InnerPath when our emotions, fears, old behavior patterns are speaking louder than our quiet, guiding inner voice.

reading with me is a fun, enjoyable and visionary opportunity to see your situation more clearly. You'll breathe a sigh of relief as you discover your strongest way forward. It is my desire ti help you uncover your truth, the truth that will resonate strongly with you. 

I feel that that life lessons are pre-determined. ....and along the way, you choose where, when, with whom, and how you want to learn. We have total free-will options, choices, consequences. Your reading with me will illuminate these elements for you.

DISCLAIMER: Your future is always in your hands! The cards tell us where you are at this point in time, and it's totally in your power to change that. I am not a licensed medical, mental health professional, or fortune teller.