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What to Expect

Tarot Cards

Readings cost $10, payable through PayPalThe first thing we will address is your question; gaining clarity around what you want to know, why it's important, and understanding what outcome you really desire is key to making positive changes in your life. I'll help you with that.


You may be wondering what kinds of questions to ask. Big life decisions, relationship issues, life path and purpose clarity are all common human concerns that the cards can help with. Please keep in mind that I don't give medical, legal, or financial advice; I recommend you get advice from professionals in those fields. Even if you aren't quite sure what to ask, we can work that out, but ideally your question focuses on you, and what you want out of life. Tell me what you're struggling with we can take it from there.

Once we have a clear question, I will conduct the reading, choosing an appropriate spread for your situation. I provide readings by email. I'll send you a detailed PDF within one week. It will include explanations of all the cards, advice gleaned from the cards, questions for reflection, suggested actions to take, and ideas for follow-up activities. I also provide follow-up clarification as needed.

Finally, I am a Biddy Tarot Advisor. If I'm not quite a fit for you, you might try searching for another advisor, or request a reading from the Biddy Tarot free reading platform.

Ready? Request a reading hereQuestions? Email me.

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