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My Story

My Story

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I am not like the “typical” tarot card reader or intuitive. I have a strong logical orientation that likes to keep me grounded in physical (I am a mostly Taurus Sun with Capricorn Moon). I don’t do airy-fairy. And yet, I have a strong creative, artistic, imaginative side which begs for release. I had found a way to combine these two personalities in classical piano performance and teaching.

I battled my own skepticism for a long time re spirituality. Though I consulted clairvoyant spiritualists for help with career and relationship advice, I had no wish to develop my own psychic and intuitive potential. This changed when our clairvoyant family friend passed on.

Rather than rely on someone else for advice, I wanted to build a personal connection with the Other Side. I began a journey of intense self-reflection and systematic strengthening of my intuitive and psychic gifts.  I created SoulPath Art for pets, people in grief, and people wishing to grow spiritually.

One day I was strongly pulled to the Tarot cards and I fell in love. The desire to learn more and to help others fueled me forward, and a natural affinity for the cards emerged.  I began offering professional readings out of my home and on the phone. 

The beautiful images appealed to my artistic side and the experience of channeling information to help people feels amazing. Because of my background as a visual artist and a pianist, I connect aurally and visually with the Other Side: I hear words and see energy patterns more easily with a visual aid like the tarot cards. 

Thank you for reading, and for sharing your time with me.  Wishing you inspiration and love on your own journey forward.

I am available via private appointment. Readings make great gifts for friends and family!