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Adriana Teodoro-Dier, Tarot-based Life Consultant


adriana teodoro-dier



Inner PathTarot
Denver, CO


Adriana Teodoro-Dier, DMA is a heart-centered Tarot-based Life Consultant, intuitive artist, and professional pianist.

On the spiritual path for over 17 years, her tarot readings often reveal insightful and empowering perspectives to further guide clients. Clients enjoy her gentle, compassionate, and practical, “real” approach.

Adriana’s intuitively-guided artwork has been on display in spiritual growth and healing establishments since 2013. Her pieces speak to the universal process of opening the heart, finding one’s true power, and connecting to the divine through nature. Discover her newest joy, creating Personalized Inspirations.

The insights were right on and really brought clarity to many areas for me. Adriana was able to get to the heart of the matter and helped me understand.
— D, USA